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@atom202, I don't mean to start an argument or anything, but there is gravity in space. That and inertia is the reason for the orbiting of the planets around the sun.

Would be so much better with higher quality and better sounds. Better luck next time though.

I acually wanted to hear that song. :'(

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Yeah, just as everyone has been saying. I find this game bland without music. Once music is inserted, this game would be so much better. It's a really good simple phone-based game though.

SevenSummitsStudio responds:

Hey Krisroach98,

Thank you for the feedback! :)

The game was originally designed and developed for smartphones. While play-testing, the music received a 'thumbs down' from the play-testers as they preferred to listen soundtracks from their playlist instead. Hence, there's no music in the game.

Thanks for playing the game.

Very glitchy game. Upgrades and/or a campaign mode. I survived for 9 days on insane mode and lost when they got to our archers. At the end of the day the heros, an archer, and an axeman stood. Then they overtook us and defeated us.

Challenging, but becomes easier when you go on, could be a really good game with more work!

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Yeah, I thought it sounded like something I heard before, then I looked into the reviews, and it clicked. This is so much like Uprising, but no hate there, stuff like that happens. This song is still really good. 10/10, would listen to again.

I don't know why, but it seems all your songs remind me of something I've heard before. It was really good, but I can't put my finger on it...

This makes me imagine a carnival ride of death. With sawblades and horses, This is not happy nor sad, this is death in a carnival fashion. Random fact, the prefix carn means flesh while the suffix val means feast in latin. So a carnival is a feast of the flesh.

Conal responds:

You need help.

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