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Yeah, just as everyone has been saying. I find this game bland without music. Once music is inserted, this game would be so much better. It's a really good simple phone-based game though.

SevenSummitsStudio responds:

Hey Krisroach98,

Thank you for the feedback! :)

The game was originally designed and developed for smartphones. While play-testing, the music received a 'thumbs down' from the play-testers as they preferred to listen soundtracks from their playlist instead. Hence, there's no music in the game.

Thanks for playing the game.

Very glitchy game. Upgrades and/or a campaign mode. I survived for 9 days on insane mode and lost when they got to our archers. At the end of the day the heros, an archer, and an axeman stood. Then they overtook us and defeated us.

I loved it! I would love a successor to this game. I didn't like the theme of the game and I would love something different. Most likely a futuristic design. I would love to see more choices of songs and maybe an easter egg song. I would also love customizable world size, speed of cannon balls, amount of cannon balls, and speed of the boats. My only problem with this whole game is the the design of the boats and please keep it simpistic!

Sirtopeia responds:

I have a couple ideas for the future. It will still be simple, but much better gameplay.

EDIT: Wait... you didn't like the boats? why?

Challenging, but becomes easier when you go on, could be a really good game with more work!

Reminds me of Wolfenstein!

Got 100%, fairly easy after you get the googles.

The lines are the easiet party for me, the imer is where I am stumped.

Wow, one of the worst games I've ever seen, for one dress-up games are supposed to have options of how to dress up, and for two if you aren't going to give you much choices at least make this a shooting game or something to where you can use you created guy.

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I like the idea of the game, exept the game itself seems abit rushed and not at its full potential, like for instance the ending was really stupid verse all the chances of endings, but still a great game overall!

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AceDecade responds:

I have no idea what you are saying

Can't play because arrow keys are so scetchy, you will tap the arrow keys and they will send you to the other side of the game and you can't press space while moving which makes it so much worse. But 1 star for effort!

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