My computer broke...

2013-05-01 19:38:35 by krisroach98

Well... I just got a new computer... so that is good I guess? So, I am continuing on the steps of the dub, but I will not do the Thrift Shop thing because with the computer, it was destroyed too. So, I will be working on two other songs... ok then... well hope y'all have some fun while I work my ass off now... fuck myself...


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2013-05-01 20:22:17

Go to the last page here and describe what happened to your old PC. I'd hate to think you had two physical, fatal computer failures...
Also read around, it might be possible to make one good box out of two! Never give up, never surrender!!


2013-05-02 07:36:19

Good news with the new computer at least! Specs?

krisroach98 responds:

God, I don't know the specs at all... I really am not that into computers. XD